Not a bad day.  Stoked the Niners won on Monday! Started teaching a new class today. Still feeling good about javascript triumphs(stoked  to have gotten that whole enqueuing thing down although, it came with a lesson in RTFM) and happy about newly discovered supporting and collaboration communities for coding. Next challenge: Start engaging in Portuguese.  As usual with nearly all new languages, it can be difficult to hear a person speak and know where one word ends and another begins but it’s interesting.  The good thing is that it’s easy to read but then again, passing language skills tend to be less taxing than production or interaction skills.


Great weekend. ‘Learned of the existence of online education platforms from Google and Microsoft.  I feel as if I’m late to the party, but I’m looking forward to the festivities.  Happy the Eagles won.  Happy the Cowboys lost. Today’s eats: upside down bowl of cereal for breakfast and a monster buffet for lunch. News: Not much going on it appears. I’m amused by Miss California’s answer. Impressed by Miss New York’s. Challenge of the day: Properly enqueing javascript files within WordPress. Having a bit of difficulty there. Feeling good about: Independent beekeeping.  Not that I do it myself.  ‘Just happy that people are seizing the opportunity.



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