If video killed the radio star, who’ll replace the internet star?

Video Killed the Radio Star is a song about the extinction of the singer was fit for radio – only. Who replaced them? Someone who was fit for TV – fun to look at, and willing to do the song and the dance. It’s about a kind of changing of the guard.

Now, a few decades later, we’ve gone from the video star to the reality star to the YouTube star, and onto SnapChat celebrity. So, who’s next?

Who will replace the internet star?

Most likely a secretary.

No. I’m serious. Okay, maybe a bit more than a secretary. I’m talking about your Virtual Assistant. Ultimately, music along with the stuff we watch, read, eat and like to know and feel gets to be a bit of a hassle to sort out. This is especially true when you literally have millions of options. Who’s going to do the sorting? Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Google Home, Jarvis or whatever you want to call your new best virtual friend.

Virtual Assistant

After all, who’s going to work for you 24/7/365, who also knows your schedule, it’s dependencies, all your passwords, a few of your secrets, speaks every language, knows everything the internet knows and will always give you service with a smile? Your Virtual Assistant, that’s who. That’s pretty rockstar!

Sure, I know what you’re thinking. There’s no way I’m passing over all that personal data. Meh. You will, either through early adoption or some eventual rationalization resembling, “But no, this is different.” It’s going to happen.

With the looming internet of things, bringing smarthouses, self-driving cars and a dizzying array of content, product and delivery options, you’ll grow to love your Virtual Assistant. What’s more is that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality architects will have built models to help them to figure out how deliver bespoke happiness more efficiently.

Marcel's Blog - Virtual Assistants
Another happy customer

You won’t have to figure out much of anything, except for what you’d like to figure out, and it’s logical to believe that will have been properly calculated as well. Imagine a world where you approach a door and when it automatically opens for you, you find – whatever you want.

The song that perfectly matches your current mood is playing. The temperature is just right and the lights are exactly as you want them to be just as you can catch a whiff of your beverage or dish of choice beckoning from the kitchen.

You plop down on the sofa and your Virtual Assistant talks with you just as you wish and sets up whatever it is you want to watch, search, read, listen to, play, order, or contact.

Your Virtual Assistant will replace the internet star, because they will deliver all others.

What do you think? Do you agree/disagree? Let us know in the comments.



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