Who trumped?

A while ago, I wrote a post on what makes Trump supporters tick. The gist was that the majority of Trump supporters and Republican voters would not, under any circumstances be deterred from voting for the candidate who they believed most capable of defeating the democratic presidential nominee. Knowing this allows us to easily answer the “How could they?!” question we might have about so many people ignoring many or all of the things Trump and his supporters are saying.

The most interesting bit about the election result is the revelation of how strong the media bubble is. As my bubble is held together by liberal media that supports equal pay for women, marriage equality, etc., I was under the impression that a Republican presidential victory was unlikely, but possible.

While I knew that there were people in the red states who oppose “Obamacare”, gun control, abortion and/or immigration, I didn’t know any of them. I couldn’t even find their media. And yet, out of the woodwork, via voting, they reveal themselves as the majority. It’s a bit daunting to know that most Americans don’t want:

  • marriage equality
  • affordable healthcare for most Americans
  • gun reform
  • abortion
  • immigration
  • equal pay for men and women in the same jobs
  • more affordable university tuition

along with a number of other socially progressive measures.

What this says to me is that most Americans don’t want most Americans to share in the good stuff that the United States has to offer. Many Americans feel that the other guy hasn’t deserved it or that he falls short in some way or that he threatens my share. Others fear that something will happen and then everything will go to pot. That stinks. Hence, the title of this post.



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